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SoCtronics testing team has extensive experience in multimedia testing of DSP algorithms related to processing of audio, speech, image and video. SoCtronics Test teams have extensive experience in testing the firmware releases in various multimedia ICs . Teams have tested releases made by the development team during design and development (pre-silicon and post-silicon) and releases are made to customers with new features and enhancements.

Team has worked on

  • Deep multimedia understanding with system level testing of chipsets & firmware
  • Testing algorithms, firmware, tools (for tuning), demo applications etc
  • Audio and video codecs testing - Encoder and decoders
  • Audio Codecs with multiple formats
  • Video Codecs with multiple formats
  • Image formats
  • Audio amplifiers testing with speaker protection algorithm
  • Voice controlled devices testing with trigger phrase detection algorithm both near field and far field voice processing
  • Voice biometrics with anti-spoofing algorithm
  • Headsets playback and recording testing with Active Noise Cancellation algorithm on USB and audio jack interfaces
  • Algorithm testing – Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Wearer Speech Detect (WSD), World Volume Level (WVL)
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Parametric Equaliser (PEQ)
  • Certification testing of DSP algorithms running on different cores of an SoC
  • Audio distortion testing using objective metrics like RMS and THDN

Test equipment

Test team has expertise in the tools below to carry out the testing tasks:

  • Audio Precision and Filters, Laser Kits, SPL meters, Laser Kits, Familiarity with HATS
  • DMMs, USB & power switches, Relays switches
  • Develop/use audio analysis utilities
  • Developed MATLAB & C based analysis tools
  • Developed utilities for pops and clicks detection, silence detection etc.
  • Tools - Audacity, Gold wave, Adobe Audition, ffmpeg

Audio and video codecs and images Testing for a major IC provider


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Executed this project to test the audio and video encoder and decoder. Tested all the combinations of supported formats, bitrates and sample rates as below

  • Audio Codecs with multiple formats
  • Video Codecs with multiple formats
  • Image formats
  • Decoding & Smooth Playback
  • HW Decoding or SW Decoding
  • Audio and Video playback test by feeding input streams with different bit rates and sample rates
  • Video playback frame rate
  • Video playback resolution
  • Bit exactness
  • Memory corruption test
  • Parallel encoding
  • Watermark level percentage
  • RMS value of decoded output
  • Distortion testing of audio using SNR and THDN of decoded output
  • Display (Multiple & Single Display Scenarios with different display ports HDMI & DP utilizing MultiStream and SingleStream Technologies)
  • Camera functionality - Image Capture EXIF details, video encoding format AVC, HEVC
  • Performance, concurrency and stress and stability tests

Headset IC Testing


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Executed projects in testing audio playback and record functionality through USB-C and Bluetooth interfaces. Tested headsets with USB-C and audio jack.

Below features are tested on this IC

  • Playback and record functionality
  • USB compliance tests
  • Security and Robustness
  • Binaural (stereo) recording functionality
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Wearer Speech Detect
  • World Volume Level
  • Power measurement.
  • Button press functionalities
  • Voice triggers
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