We are an unparalleled VLSI design company

SoCtronics has, over 20 years of extensive project execution, developed customized in-house methodologies to leverage the best-in-class EDA tools. About Us

Developing ip aS A service to our customers

Majority of IP after development is validated in FPGA and then in Silicon. Our IPs


SoCtronics has proven expertise in the design & implementation of multi-million gate chips on state-of-the-art process technologies up to 14nm. Our Services

Few reasons why we are one of the most effective vlsi companies

Right and Predictable Execution

Right and Predictable Execution

SoCtronics Design Realization team has proven expertise and experience to assist in design feasibility and performance evaluation, SoC architecture, integration, DFT, verification, physical design and release to foundry.

Optimized Digital & Software IPs

Optimized Digital & Software IPs

Soctronics provides high performance, silicon-proven IP for SoC designs targeting the consumer, communication and computers to the internet of things.

Full Spectrum of Eco System

Full Spectrum of Eco System for Customer Solutions

SoCtronics has enlisted a full spectrum of Eco-System partners in EDA, IP, foundry, package, embedded software, system engineering, board designing capabilities to provide customers with end-to-end solutions.

What our clients are saying about us

My appreciation to SoCtronics team for great work done for the success of multiple AMD SOCs.

Senior Director

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

We are happy with SoCtronics flexibility and quality of support.

Sr. Manager

W Production Engineering, USA headquartered MNC in Processor, IP and EDA solutions

Storagei approached Soctronics only with a business idea. To our delight Soctronics helped Storagei to not only develop the idea.



I have chosen SoCtronics as a partner due to their highly organized management team and


US based start-up company working in broadcast encoder and decoder products
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