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Mobile applications testing
Web applications testing
Desktop applications testing
OTT Services testing

Mobile applications testing

SoCtronics test team has expertise in mobile applications testing UI, functional and non-functional areas as below.

  1. Testing expertise in Native and Hybrid applications
  2. Functional, usability, compatibility, performance testing
  3. Battery consumption tests

Test cases are automated using popular tools like Selenium, Protractor and Squish.
Automation of test cases is done using Appium and Android UI automator on both Android and iOS platforms.

Testing of Android Medical Reader for a major medical devices provider


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Testing of Android Medical Reader for a major medical devices provider This application suite allows the Health Worker to operate the custom Medical Reader to collect Patient’s Demographics data and also guides the health worker to execute the workflow to process the sample and share the test results to the health worker and also to the connected cloud. Besides machine analysis, it allows the health worker to select a visual call which allows them to review the test result on cloud.By supporting multiple modes, this application suite allows the health worker to use the Medical Reader for High Throughput Test to process as many Covid-19 tests (Antigen) as possible.

Features Tested:

  • REST API that are used by Reader to communicate with Cloud
  • Installation of all apps as a bundle including BSP
  • SW bundle update OTA and also via side-loading
  • User Authentication, screen lock and switch user to Reader
  • User access levels & user management
  • Connectivity Check with Cloud and GPS location capturing
  • Support of Dynamic workflows to process for a patient added on Reader
  • Worklist sync from Cloud and process all the orders with dynamic workflows
  • RDT Test flow in different test modes
  • High Throughput Mode (HTP) test flow for Covid-19 Rapid testing
  • Communication between Medical Reader and Cloud
  • Language change and translations
  • Review of Test Results on Cloud application
  • Dynamic Survey forms support to collect additional details
  • Logging in all apps using ELK
  • Camera Calibration
  • Device History Record of Medical Reader

Test Equipment:

  • Custom Android Medical Reader
  • RDTs (Malaria, Dengue, HIV & Covid-19)
  • Barcode scanner & Tablet
  • SIM cards
  • Camera Calibration plates
  • Postman for REST API testing
  • Selenium Webdriver for Portal test automation

Web applications testing

SoCtronics team has expertise in below areas of web application testing

  • Front End Testing
    • UI Testing
    • Compatibility Testing ( with browsers like Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox)
    • Functionality Testing
  • Back End Testing
    • Back EndTesting
    • REST API testing
    • Database Testing
    • Cookies Testing
    • Load Testing
  • Security Testing - Sql injection, Xml validation, Url testing, Bruteforcing, Denial of service, Clickjacking, Cross site scripting

Web portal application testing for a major medical device provider


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In this project, the team has tested the UI and backend functionality of customer portal. Most of the test cases are automated using a Selenium and Testng based framework. Test data is captured in an excel sheet and tests are run using a data driven testing approach. This method has helped in adapting the test cases and test data quickly to any change in the features and functionality of the application.

Desktop applications testing

SoCtronics test team has expertise in testing desktop applications on Windows and MAC operating systems. Below tests are performed:

  • Installation, Upgrade and uninstallation testing of application
  • Verifying application UI and non UI functionality with available resources
  • Backward Compatibility Testing
  • Verification of application log file entries
  • Viewing the application UI in different resolutions
  • Monitoring the usage of Memory/CPU by generating the load to ensure the performance of system and application

Tests are automated using popular tools like Squish and Winium so that all the features of the application are tested thoroughly.

Configuration and Tuning desktop tools testing for a major embedded devices provider


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In these projects, various evaluation, diagnostic, configuration and tuning tools for embedded devices are tested on Windows and MAC operating systems.

Below features are tested:

  • Validating the hardware functionality by providing various inputs through the Application
  • Test the functionality of all GUI panels in the application
  • Communication with the hardware and real time measurement of different parameters captured from hardware
  • Installation and uninstallation tests
  • Stress and performance tests like long duration running test, running functional tests for multiple iterations

OTT Services testing

OTT stands for Over-the-Top. OTT eliminates the traditional communication channels like, cable, satellite payTV etc.. to view the contents like videos, web series etc.. We can stream across different devices whenever we want through a broadband connection. Most of the STBs(Set-Top-Box) are integrated with OTT services.

SoCtronics test team has rich experience in testing OTT platform services using automation. Developed an automation framework for executing the tests on the STB for the API services that are provided. Test cases are automated using pure Javascript.

Framework Development:

We have developed a custom Test framework to serve the needs of the customer. Custom framework is purely based on Javascript and Nodejs.

Functional Testing :

We have tested different services on STB.

  • 1.Basic functionality of the plugins that are available on the STB
  • 2.Testing is performed on different versions of RbPi
  • 3.Following are the services that are tested using our test scripts:
    • Remote Control
    • Location
    • Display
    • Network
    • Bluetooth
    • Controller
    • Trace
    • Volume

Stress/ Stability

OTT services testing for a major OTT platform provider


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In this project, we have tested the micro services on a Raspberry Pi device.

  • Services are available on the RbPI device and hence our testing will be performed on the RbPI device
  • Here the test scripts are invoked from a PC where the PC and RbPi are connected through a network.
  • When a test is invoked the service within the RbPi is triggered and testing is performed where the test result is displayed in the PC console/terminal.
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