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We have expertise on multiple wireless protocols testing which includes Bluetooth, Zigbee, RF based Mesh networking and WiGig(802.11ad), IEEE 802.15.4, 802.11ad, 802.11ac/802.11s

It encompasses:

  • Certification testing for bluetooth stack/BLE Mesh stack on Low Power SOC.
  • Zigbee testing of TI stack on low power SOC.
  • Smart meter Mesh protocol testing on RF network.
  • WiGig based Wireless VR tested using beamforming between GPU and Head mounted device.

Testing is performed by using different equipments and tools:

  • Network sniffers and wireshark
  • Logic analyzers
  • Oscilloscopes

Bluetooth and BLE testing on in-house SoC


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Bluetooth mesh networking enables many-to-many (m:m) device communications and is optimized for creating large-scale device networks. It is ideally suited for building automation, sensor network, asset tracking, and other IoT solutions that require tens, hundreds or thousands of devices to communicate with one another. SIG certification tests are done using the PTS (Profile Tuning Suite) dongle.

We have tested on low power SOC with integrated bluetooth and Zigbee connectivity which help customers develop low bandwidth IOT based products and services like Smart devices/sensor networks with power efficiency.It enables BLE with Mesh network technology using Nimble and Zephr stack.

Test expertise area:

  • Tested scenarios related to Generic Access Profile functionality Using Profile tuning suite:
    • General and Limited discovery and discoverable modes
    • Broadcaster and observer roles
    • General and Limited Inquiry
    • Non Connectable, Undirected, autoconnect, general, selective modes
    • Random Private address, Resolvable Private address
    • Privacy feature
  • Tested scenarios related to Security Manager functionality Using Profile tuning suite:
    • Just_Works
    • Pass_Key
    • Out_of_Band_data
    • Encryption_Key
    • Signed_Data
    • Pairing
    • LE_Secure_connection
  • Tested scenarios related to Generic Attribute Profile functionality Using Profile tuning suite:
    • Gatt Read/Write
    • Service discovery
    • Service discovery
    • Client characteristic configuration
  • Mesh stack testing including
    • Low power Node,
    • Friend Node
    • Relay node
    • Proxy Node
    • Edge node
    • Adv Provisioning bearer
    • Mesh Provisioning Service
    • Secure Network beacons
    • Net key, App Key, key refresh, IV Updates
    • Publication and Subscription procedures
    • Current and Registered Fault State.
  • Interoperability tests using different Mobile devices and BLE Sensors

Zigbee testing on in-house SoC


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On integrated low power SOC,tested Zigbee protocol based on 802.15.4 standard using TI Stack.

Test Expertise Area:

  • Zigbee functionality related to Unicast/Broadcast/Multicast mode
  • Network Creation, Key distribution
  • Network joining using primary/secondary channels.
  • Identifying and communicating with different Zigbee stacks profile(Legacy, Pro and Green Powered).
  • Assisted Binding and Device application binding manager.
  • Network roles testing for e.g Coordinator device, end device and router device.

Proprietary RF Mesh network testing for a major smart meters provider


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Brief Overview.

The project is about AMI(Advance metering Infrastructure) based smart meters in which there is two-way communication between Smart meters and Utility Operators. Smart Utility meters are used for automatic collection of multiple intervals of billing data in engineering units from households to billing stations in a secured manner.The two-way communication is achieved by RF based mesh networks which consists of endpoints, repeaters, access points etc. Our team is involved in testing smart utility meters related to Water, Gas and Energy with different network devices using RF based proprietary mesh networking protocol.

The device includes:

  • Battery powered Smart Meters
  • Continuous powered Smart Meters

Our expertise in Test Areas:

  • Testing network discovery,joining the network and acquiring network identification.
  • Testing commands and responses between Smart meters and Access points in a lab environment.
  • Testing APIs at different levels (MAC layer/Network Layer/Application Layer).
  • Testing different topologies ( Mesh/Star/String of Pearls).
  • Testing of different security protocols between devices(Network Secure registration using digital certificates/Encryption/Authentication/ Authorization between network entities)
  • Billing meter data collection by Collection servers
  • Over the air multicast Firmware Upgrade and activation of firmware.
  • Handoff scenarios between two parents.
  • Time Synchronization between different devices and networks
  • Testing Network loss and PAN migrations scenarios
  • Test scenarios related to short duty cycle, long duty cycle and Regulatory duty cycle.
  • Link evaluation testing between nodes via applicable medium.

Deep testing is done to validate below features

  • Network stability
  • Network performance
  • Correct functioning of algorithms
  • Correct channel hopping
  • Synchronization
  • Crystal Drift compensation
  • Busy lists
  • Duplicate detection
  • Duty Cycle Regulation

Wireless VR solution testing for an US based major Graphic devices provider:


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This solution is about replacing the wired link (DP and USB) between Gaming Console and VR Head Mount Device (HMD) with Wireless link using 60GHz IEEE 802.11 AD protocol. which allows sending the data at 7 Gbps rate with channel bandwidth 2.16 GHZ for maximum 10 meters range. This wireless VR (WVR) solution allows the vendors to develop a gaming system with which users can have seamless and wonderful VR experience with high end graphic games.

Features Tested:

  • Firmware Flash
  • Throughput test to validate the Wireless link with different MCS & Packet size
  • Wireless link quality between GPU & HMD in different use cases
  • DP Video 1080P 120Hz & audio – System Use case test with different MCS & C -ratio
  • DP Video 2K 90Hz – System Use case test with different MCS & C -ratio
  • DP Video 4K 60Hz – System Use case test with different MCS & C -ratio
  • USB Web camera & file transfer
  • Concurrent test scenarios
  • Flash & Boot
  • Wireless link quality
  • Throughput
  • Video Playback over wireless link
  • Remote Logging to debug issues on HMD side
  • Concurrency
  • USB packet generation & Camera data over wireless link from USB webcam

Test Equipment:

  • Sony Playstation
  • Sony PSVR headset
  • Full HD, 2K & 4K Gaming monitors
  • USB Web camera
  • DP 1.4 cables & DP⇔ HDMI converters
  • SW Tools - iperf
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