Integrate and customizable IPs


Full Chip Implementation

IP Developmental Services exhibit impeccable industry quality

SoCtronics IP development takes after a set of conventional Industry processes and the resultant IP is evaluated by IEEE approved QIP chart, indicating maturity level of the IP. Majority of the developed IP is validated in FPGA and after that in Silicon. Here at SoCtronics, IP development is an endless process. We enable the customers to integrate IP as a part of their SoC development, by way of providing them proven and easy to integrate IPs. Thus, all IPs developed at SoCtronics are generic in nature. Additionally, the SW driver is also developed as a part of IP validation which can be offered to the customers for effortless integration into SoC SW driver stack. Likewise, SoCtronics can take-up IP customization to meet the prerequisites of Client SoC and subsequently guarantees complete functionality compliance and SoC integration.


  • Audio IP

    • Audio Processing Subsystem (APS)
    • I2S Controller
    • SPDIF Controller
    • AC’97 Audio Controller
  • Advanced Peripherals
    • PCIe Endpoint Controller
    • PCIe Rootcomplex Controller
    • Gigabit Ethernet Controller
    • Display Controller
  • Bus Components
    • AXI-AHB Bridge
    • AHP-APB Bridge
    • AXI/AHB Upsizers & Downsizers
    • AXI/AHB Interconnect Generator
    • Programmable Priority Arbiters
  • AMBA AHB Peripherals
    • DMA Controller
    • SDMMC Controller
    • Flash Controller
    • USB 2.0 Device Controller
  • AMBA APB Peripherals
    • I2C Controller
    • SPI Controller
    • LCD Controller
    • Key Pad Controller
    • GPIO Controller
    • Vectored Interrupt Controller
    • Timers – WDT & RTC


Software IP

We also take up software and tailor them to serve industry standards

SoCtronics offers both multimedia codec and algorithm IP as well as services for developing the same, as a part of Software. It has multiple multimedia codec and algorithm IPs under its belt. It has worked on a variety of multimedia algorithms and codecs across audio, speech, video and imaging domains. The SoCtronics audio and video codecs achieve best-in-class quality and performance due to the use of very optimal algorithms and carefully fine-tuned decision making techniques. Extensive work is also done on error concealment algorithms which improves the quality in the presence of packet losses. Armed with such in-depth knowledge in all the aforementioned areas and quality work to its credit, is what makes SoCtronics such a coveted company to work with.


  • Codec IP
  • Algorithm IP
  • Broadcast IP
  • Multimedia Hardware Accelerator/Subsystem IPs
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