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Full Chip Implementation

SoCtronics, when it started, did not start like a first-time enterprise. It was the culmination of more than 20+ years of successful operation by the promoters in the semiconductor industry pioneering in some of the visionary business models in the VLSI design services. Go beyond what customer expects is the culture we developed instead of decoding what we agreed with the customer and what customer paid for. Loyalty to the customer is at the core of the management style that led us to believe to serve only limited customers and interact with them in a very proactive manner rather than in a you say-we do model.

It was a business model driven by the urge to explore new ways of executing the projects – restricting cost budgets which otherwise will not enable the customer taking up that project, ramping up resources significantly from nowhere thus making projects considered impossible as possible, or taking up challenging projects that required development of new products, architectures, new methodologies and new flows.

When we were executing just one project for one customer in the beginning and then today we are working on multiple projects for multiple customers – we are stuck with our core principle, i.e., first-time-right solutions and we are proud to say that we are continuing that saga.

Despite having been in the industry for the last 20+ years, we work in a start-up culture, we heavily incline to support start-up customers, develop start-up product solutions, keep customers depend on us for any start-up technologies. When we commit to the customer, it has been proven many times that we are stuck to that commitment even if it means we are losing our commercial gains from that project.

Our customers come to us because we are reliable and trust-worthy. Our customers need us because they know what we can make possible. Our customers like us because we are proactive. Be it ramping up a MNC Design Centre; be it taping out a 28nm chip first time in India; be it providing design services on latest and evolving deep sub-micron technologies to develop foundation to complex IP; be it first-of-its-kind medical device development; be it serving as centre-of-excellence in Audio solutions; be it a path-breaking video IP technology – we stood apart and we continue to stand for these challenges.

We don’t attract our customers with the over the top sales pitch. We just humbly showcase our commitment and trustworthiness.

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