My appreciation to SoCtronics team for great work done for the success of multiple AMD SOCs. SoCtronics has been instrumental in providing the highly technical and result oriented leadership, ramping up the team and driving the team to do their best and collaborating with AMD. This has helped AMD in executing multiple complex strategic programs. We thank SoCtronics for the continued support, and look forward to long and productive association.

Senior Director

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

We are happy with SoCtronics flexibility and quality of support. The team was working fast;all engineering processes were transparent and well manageable. I am really happy with collaboration with the multimedia team in Hyderabad and look forward to more projects in future.

Sr. Manager

W Production Engineering, USA headquartered MNC in Processor, IP and EDA solutions

Storagei approached Soctronics only with a business idea. To our delight Soctronics helped Storagei to not only develop the idea. from concept to reality but also suggested and implemented additional functionality and features to the product which helped us open other sales channels. Storagei had to spend very minimal bandwidth in realizing the product, while SoCtronics handled entire solution architecture, design, implementation and testing to achieve a fully functional prototype in a short span of time.



I have chosen SoCtronics as a partner due to their highly organized management team and  their dedicated and well educated work force with intellectual capabilities that provide innovative approaches to unique technology challenges. Trustworthy systems with controls for IP protection and accurate and reliable reporting are some of the things that I liked about the partnership.


US based start-up company working in broadcast encoder and decoder products

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