Wide Gamut of QA & Automation Services

Full Chip Implementation

SoCtronics offers embedded software testing and QA services to its customers. Our QA teams have extensive domain knowledge in multimedia and embedded software – drivers, middleware and applications – and provide highly specialized test services to enhance the quality of the customer’s software and products.

Having extensive experience with test automation, we are an ideal partner for any company looking for fully automated testing services.

SoCtronics engages with customers at the beginning of their product life cycle and works along with the development teams to enable test-aware software development from the very beginning. Working hand-in-hand with the development teams, testing follows the development plans and sprints to realize a fully agile software development process.


Areas of Specialization for Test Teams

  • Audio processing algorithms and systems
  • Voice processing algorithms and systems
  • Video processing algorithms and systems
  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications
  • Firmware and drivers

Offering Superior Automated Testing Services

  • Immense experience with both algorithm testing or system level testing.
  • Fully automated test execution is one of the key highlights of the offering.
  • Wide experience with different scripting languages, test frameworks and tools, and ability to develop customized test frameworks.
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