Realizing Concept into Product

Full Chip Implementation

A robust platform will help in faster development cycles and hence improving time to market. Our Platform design team can interact with customers at concept phase and provide various options to architect the solution. On finalizing the team will methodologically implement the design and layout with reference to signal/power simulations at various stages to incubate the robust platform. We engage with proven vendors for fabrication and assembly requirements for fast and quality.


Board Design

  • Expertise up to 16Layer boards handling 25Gbps data rates
  • Multi-processor system with various IO level interfaces
  • Expertise in Cadence Orcad/Allegro and Mentor Expedition tool chain.

Signal Integrity

  • SI/PI analysis using Keysight ADS, Cadence Sigrity, Mentor HyperLynx, Ansys HFSS

Substrate Design

  • Experience in Wire-bond/Flip-chip silicon
  • Experience in BGA/QFN substrates up to 12 layers handling up to 25GHz speeds
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