Offers end-to-end IoT Solution Design

Full Chip Implementation

With an extensive understanding of various IoT technologies, protocols, markets and specialized teams in all the domains – hardware design, firmware development, cloud technologies and mobile applications – we are an ideal partner to realize your IoT product from a concept to a fully functional and optimized prototype. All you need is an idea and a vision – we do the rest of the heavy lifting to translate your idea into electronics, and your vision into reality.


Expertise in Various Wireless Technologies

Wi-Fi, BT, ZigBee, Z-Wave, 6LowPAN IBM

Sensor Modules TI CC2538, TI CC2531, PIC 18, STM32, ARM Cortex M, Load cells, Application RFID, PIR Sensors, Temperature Sensors

Expertise in Building Multi-Protocol Gateway

ZigBee Gateway, AllJoyn, IoTivity and Open WSN Frameworks, Enabling Zigbee, 6LoWPAN and AllJoyn Gateways on Platforms such as Beaglebone and RPi Firmware upgrade – FOTA

Expertise in Various Application level Standards

Web Applications, Web portal, Working with AWS IoT and IBM Bluemix, Android and IOS Application Development, Java based Desktop Application Development.

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