Enhanced Emulation Capability

Full Chip Implementation

Identifying design issues prior to tapeout is the best way to handle the increase in cost of silicon tapeout. SoCtronics excels in emulation, which is the answer for early software development to improve silicon bring-up /product delivery time and also a platform to interface to real-time interfaces to resolve asynchronous scenarios which are hard to simulate. Additionally, emulation platform can also be an excellent hardware accelerator. We have the capability to realize the silicon with minimal changes staying as close as possible to the silicon with debug capabilities.


FPGA Implementation

  • Xilinx based ISE/Vivado Flow
  • Chipscope/in-house debug methodologies
  • Expertise in floor planning for high utilization/speed interfaces.


  • Expertize in interfacing High-speed differential IO’s to setup TDM interface between FPGA’s
  • Experience in realizing 20MHz interface with 4000+ interconnect over 100 differential
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