Transforming Design Margins to Product Quality

Full Chip Implementation

Characterization is the art of understanding the functionality/quality boundaries of the silicon through detailed analysis of electrical functionality, and we uphold this very art word for word. We have the infrastructure to support a robust platform, lab with calibrated equipment along with capability to identify and certify the silicon to ensure complete functionality in the field, in various conditions. Silicon characterized in our lab will PASS the standard certification. SoCtronics, unlike other labs has the capability to work with customers and debug the silicon issues and provide feedback on design margin improvements for high yield/success rate.


Electrical Compliance

  • USB 2.0/3.0
  • PCIe Gen3
  • SATA


  • Winway Thermal stations setup with automated Voltage/Temperature controls for quick results
  • Integrated environment with measuring equipment, Silicon, PVT station to log all data in methodological/readable way.


  • AWG, JBERT, Waveform signal generators
  • High end oscilloscopes up to 33G
  • Various protocol analyzers to support PCIe, USB, SATA, 10G Ethernet debug
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