Case studies

Client & Project Title : USA based Client – Full chip implementation

Scope Of Work :Analog PHY, Digital Core, FPGA Emulation, Silicon Validation and IC Characterization

Actions Performed : Analog PHY is designed and verified. Analog PHY test chips are manufactured and characterized to meet compliance. Digital core is designed, verified and pre-silicon validation is performed on FPGA board. Application board is developed and the final IC is validated and checked for Signal integrity and Characterization.

Value Added : PHY is ported across multiple technologies and test chips are characterized. Various PCBs are designed for Pre & post Silicon validation

Client & Project Title : AMD Physical Design

Scope Of Work : DDR5/PHY/DAC/PLLS/PCIE & dual & single port macros. 0nm, ~625 M Transistors.

Actions Performed : Many engineers from Soctronics worked in P&R, Physical verification activities both at tile level and full chip level.

Value Added : Silicon proven graphic processor chip at 40nm with ~625 M Transistors.

Client & Project Title : Canadian Company – G0 Medical Diagnostics & Collection Device

Scope Of Work : Testing & QA for a full featured Android Application SW for a Medical Diagnostics and Collection Device

Actions Performed : Test Strategy, Plan and Documents, QA Processes, Automation & Test framework for Device SW and Web portal.

Value Added : Ownership and establishment of QA process for both device and web portal software Devised Instrumentation and methods to automate testing as much as possible Infrastructure development for Builds and Sanity, Nightly and remote regressions Perforce based Configuration Management

Client & Project Title : USA Headquartered MNC, a world leader in Graphics – GPG QA

Scope Of Work : Software Testing & QA for Graphics Drivers and SW

Actions Performed : Testing & QA – IV, PV, New features, Multimedia

Value Added : 40 Engineers working at client location in resource augmentation engagement model 40% contributions to overall Testing and QA activities Testing support for multiple – OSs, Computing platforms, Customer systems, Graphics chip families