Digital IP

SoCtronics IP development follows an established Industry process and the developed IP is rated according to IEEE approved QIP chart that indicates maturity level of the IP. Majority of IP after development is validated in FPGA and then in Silicon. At SoCtronics IP development is a continuous process and seen as an activity to help the SoC customers by way of providing proven, easy to integrate IP as a part of their SoC development hence all IP developed at SoCtronics is generic in nature. As a part of IP validation the SW driver is also developed and it can be offered to customer for easy integration in to SoC SW driver stack. SoCtronics can also take-up IP customization to meet the requirements of customer SoC and ensures full functionality compliance and SoC integration.

Audio IP

Advanced Peripherals

Bus Components

  • AXI-AHB Bridge
  • AHP-APB Bridge
  • AXI/AHB Upsizers & Downsizers
  • AXI/AHB Interconnect Generator
  • Programmable Priority Arbiters

AMBA AHB Peripherals

  • DMA Controller
  • SDMMC Controller
  • Flash Controller
  • USB 2.0 Device Controller

AMBA APB Peripherals

  • I2C Controller
  • SPI Controller
  • LCD Controller
  • Key Pad Controller
  • GPIO Controller
  • Vectored Interrupt Controller
  • Timers – WDT & RTC