What customers are saying

All our customers have testified deep contentment in working with us.
We have received great feed back about our ability to meet techincal challenges, to provided high quality engineering teams at steep ramp-up cycles and to meet highest quality. Our clients have expressed that SoCtronics has exceeded their expectations in every step of the project.


SoCtronics has helped us solve difficult technical challenges and address urgent project needs.

VP Engineering
Publicly listed fabless semiconductor company


SoCtronics has provided high quality engineering teams at steep ramp-up cycles to meet our project needs

Executive VP Engineering
Publicly listed fabless CPU IC company

We have had our share of urgent projects and difficult challenges. SoCtronics showed time and again that they have the customer’s priorities in mind and helped us meet those challenges.

VLSI Engineering Director
Publicly listed fabless company


SoCtronics is a quality conscious, technically competent and schedule sensitive engineering services provider. Our project was for spec to silicon. SoCtronics met and exceeded our expectations in every step of the project.”

Publicly listed fabless company

We have used SoCtronics resources primarily as verification and application support teams. We are quite satisfied with their responsiveness and high work quality.

Publicly listed fabless EDA/IP company

We needed resources to help develop multimedia IPs for our semiconductor products. We are very happy with the results we received.

Marketing VP
Publicly listed fabless semiconductor company