Software Solutions

System Software

Exploiting several man-years of our systems development experience and domain knowledge in Consumer Electronics, Mobile platforms and Multimedia Processing, we can showcase ourselves to be a valuable partner in system software development for a range of platform solutions.We have dedicated teams working on multiple aspects of system software catering to RTOS, Windows and Linux/Android based SW frameworks. Some of the projects that our teams have been working are given below briefly.

  • Stand-alone Audio Player subsystem
  • Multi-core high performance Audio Subsystem in coprocessor mode
  • Android Tablet platform
  • Windows Computing platform dealing with speciality applications

As part of total system development, our teams have been actively involved in working with UEFI BIOS Framework in Windows environment, Boot Loader and Boot ROM implementation for a new mobile Application Processor.

System Engineering

Our System Engineering services can cater to the following requirements of customers.

  • Reference Platform Design
  • FPGA/ASIC/SOC based Hardware design
  • Board Design and bring-up
  • Development of Drivers and tests to validate hardware at IP / SoC / Platform level
  • Interface and Protocol compliance testing for all standard peripherals
  • Infrastructure development for Automated builds, Diagnostics and regressions
  • Post-silicon validation and qualification

We have successfully executed projects dealing with IP and SoC validation covering standard peripheral controllers for USB, PCIe, SATA, SD, SPI, Gigabit Ethernet and single-core and multi-core processor based subsystems and a complex SoC.


We have a strong development team that is heavily focused on the Multimedia Codec development in Audio, Speech and Video domains, catering to various industry standard & popular algorithms. The team has the expertise to develop these codecs and validate either in Simulator or Reference Hardware platforms targeted to popular RISC processors, namely, ARM 9/11, ARM Cortex, ARC 600/700, Tensilica Xtensa and DSPs from ADSP and TI family including high performance Parallel Processing engines like HyperX.

The matured capabilities of the team will be beneficial to our customers as we are technically skilled to implement any new algorithms and quickly develop highly optimized solutions balancing between MHz and Memory foot-print requirements.

Our domain knowledge in multimedia solution development provides additional advantages to our customers as these codecs can be developed fitting well in a Unified API structure including Open MAX IL architecture.

Our multimedia team has specific skills for

  • Optimizing DSP algorithms.
  • Error robustness implementation
  • Porting the algorithms to suit any particular processor architecture – existing & new
  • Assembly language porting with particular attention to writing code without pipeline stalls
  • Extensive testing on Simulator and Hardware platform
  • API development for framework compliance

Our team has vast exposure to the following multimedia frameworks and middle ware.

  • DirectShow
  • Media Foundation
  • Android Multimedia Frameworks
  • Proprietary middleware


Our team has full expertise for development of standard peripheral drivers to work with different OS, like Linux, Windows, RTOS (MQX and Nucleus). The driver development is a key area for our teams working in System Engineering and Platform solutions development activities.

Our teams have proven capabilities in the development of following drivers in multiple OS frameworks.

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB
  • SD
  • SATA
  • SPI
  • LPC
  • I2C
  • I2S
  • Azalia
  • AC97
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Display
  • Touch-screen
  • NAND

Android Applications

We have an experienced team that is deeply involved in development of speciality applications that cater to a specific product in Android domain to run on stand-alone mobile phones or custom mobile platforms. The team was so far involved in development of following applications.

  • Medical Diagnostics & Collection Device
  • eBook
  • eTextBook
  • Custom applications for an evolving tablet platform

Due to strigent requirements of some of the above applications specific to the product solutions, the team was extensively involved in development of following functions and handling of necessary features of Android.

  • Rich UI
  • Client/Host Communication
  • Storage
  • Restricted access of phone applications
  • Database
  • Custom Forms
  • NDK
  • Instrumentation test cases for automated testing
  • CTS

Coupled with our expertise in BSP and system software, we are poised and have competencies to develop complete Android based platforms.

Considering the handling of many intricate features of Application development and good exposure to OS internals and system software, out team has capabilities to take upon this application development for other popular phone platforms like iPhone.

  • 40% contributions to overall Testing and QA activities
  • Testing support for multiple – OSs, Computing platforms, Customer systems, Graphics chip families

Web Development

SoCtronics offers comprehensive web application development services to deliver the perfect blend of committed professionals and high-quality solutions based on the diverse needs of clients from all corners of the world. The company boasts of a dedicated team that is committed to developing a wide array of web-based tools to meet different business requirements. Besides, the team at SoCtronics has been involved in the development of cutting-edge IoT Solutions.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Java
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • IoT (AWS Services, IBM Bluemix)
  • CMS

The team at SoCtronics boasts of a dedicated team of professionals that not only have the technical expertise but also the flexibility to ramp up aggressively in order to meet project requirements of all levels of complexity. The company also offers comprehensive end-to-end services such as UI Design, UI Development, Back-end development, integration, integration with 3rd party services and testing, among others.

Our Projects:

  • IoT (Device services and web application)
  • Registration Management System
  • IP Delivery and Support System
  • Web Services to collect data from a medical point of care devices and reports generation
  • Websites and Web App Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration